The Data-Backed Reason the World’s Poor/Meek Will Inherit the Earth

Presenting one of the most innovative, lowest-impact, most socially-beneficial housing options to take humanity into the 21st century and beyond.
Me trying to convey my leanness, if not meanness.
  • Poor nations have tiny carbon footprints compared to rich ones. For example, the average Indian has a carbon footprint eight times less than the average American (1.91 versus 15.52 tons CO2, respectively). So even though India has a lot more people (~3x), even though they allow other countries to outsource their emissions and polluting industries to their borders, the average Indian has a GHG output 1/8th that of the average American.
  • America’s poor people — even ones in middle-America with big trucks making your food — usually have much smaller GHG emission than their hyper-consumer economic overlords (yes, even if those overlords are registered Democrats). From a very accessible PBS piece that also covers outsourced emissions to China, India, and Mexico:
  • The poor folks living lower-GHG existences are helping rich people increase their wealth and GHG footprints/capacities. The top 10-percent wealthy Americans have 90 percent of the cash. They got this cash by orchestrating a Rent-to-Live existence for non-rich Americans. Wealthy folks own and promote the development of most appreciating, revenue-generating assets (including a good percentage of the equity on notes of personal home mortgages) while poor people pay for and maintain them with their cash, labor, aspirations, and lives/time. The average American worker exists to support large corporate interests, mostly managed and owned by the same small group who own their mortgages, car payments, rent, health insurance premiums, etc. Rich people use their wealth streams to pay for more earth-killing assets, including commodity real estate, investments in new companies for dummy markets for OpEx fee extraction and debt-generation, the expansion of cheap, Chinese and other consumer interests, gas, oil, and fracking, luxury goods, lawyers, and on and on and on. For all intents in purposes, much of society has become little more than a voluntary band of indentured servants and slaves, giving their time, health, and purpose to rich overlords, their boundless insecurity, and their expensive tastes.
  • From where I stand, it is not about black, brown, yellow, and/or white. The problem is, and always has been, about rich and poor, value generators and value extractors. Pay attention and stop infighting, especially if you’re a poor worker.

First Principle: If Rich People Are Causing All the Harm, And Benefiting from Harm, They Cannot and Will Not Undo Harm

The Least of These…

Gross. Tacky. Amoral. Unsustainable. Racist. Prohibitively expensive. Boulder. Colorado.
  • Those living without homes (streets, tents, cars) or in substandard, improvised housing (shanties, favelas), and very low-income housing (projects, trailers) have negligible embodied and operational environmental impact. Because of anti-poor bias, no investment dollars flow into optimizing these structures — solving for waste, sanitation, ventilation, comfort, and fire safety problems — and their intrinsic pro-people-and-planet structures. Hubristic, high-overhead, Euro-and-Capital-centric operators spend little time imitating poor people to solidify their questionably place on the top of the technological leadership and ensure a paycheck, even when their solutions are overwrought and unscientific.
  • Homeless and other poor populations are far more likely to live socially interdependent, resource-conserving lives with far stronger social bonds than rich people. These benefits are so strong, they remain in face of the artificially harsh conditions they must endure (e.g. poverty-state economics, industrial police-jail-shelter complex coming to get them, etc.). Crime, violence, extreme substance abuse and mental illness is often a response — not a causeto living with those conditions and in a world that appropriates madness. More cops and shelters are making things worse.
  • Anecdotally, homeless populations are far less likely to be fat and spend far more time in nature than most housed Americans. They know how to cook, do stuff, and entertain themselves without social media.
  • Rich people, as mentioned above, are, scientifically speaking, doing the most damage, disproportionately responsible for the deaths of people, flora, fauna, and the planet’s homeostatic mechanisms. They knowingly and repeatedly make choices that kill people and undermine the structures of civilization in the service of short term profit motives. They don’t know what’s good for themselves or others and must be approached accordingly. They are unwell. There are opportunities for redemption and karmic purification, but not before an admission of guilt, and not until the harm stops.

Going From Buying to Making the American Dream

  • There is no housing shortage, but rather a housing distribution problem. Any communication to the contrary is false.
  • Single family housing is an inhuman, ecocidal form of housing designed primarily as way to increase wealth and revenue streams for the already-wealthy. Their design, and correspondent economics, directly oppose personal and planetary health and well-being (too large, geographically isolated, hard to maintain, require driving to access, etc.).
  • Debt is bad, borrowing against the future, yet it’s the only currency U.S. economists promote. It’s fucked up.

Tune In, Lighten Up, Move Out




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