Suggesting Therapy Will Solve My Anger Issues Is Like Suggesting a Breath of Fresh Air Would Solve Anne Frank’s Antisocial Disorder (Part I)

My great-grandfather was killed a day after my grandpa’s 10th birthday. I’d like my kids to have a dad for a long time, so I’m trying some tactics other than direct engagement with my enemies.
Where are my children? It is not sane to act normal when people kidnap your children to hide economic and environmental truths.

Stop Fucking with the Friedlanders, Already

The Straus’ loved to travel. Their 1933 flight from Nazis, not so much.

On March 27, 1938, I met my present wife at a Zionist cultural evening of dancing and singing. We had been invited to it by one of our former teachers at the Reali School with match making intentions from Lilian, Ben’s mother. Eva’s brother, Emanuel Straus, was a classmate of mine, and my youngest sister, Joy, was a classmate of hers. Although we had never met in Haifa, we shared many family and school friends, travel, German and Hebrew. She was then very tall for her generation, a strikingly handsome blonde…Her impression of me, unshaven, in a rather shabby blue suit, was not much better. However, when we parted, we uncovered a common cause we both supported, The Spanish Loyalists, then under attack by France, fascist Germany and Italy. President Roosevelt had imposed an arms embargo on both sides of the Civil War and he was under pressure from many Democratic Congressmen to lift it. Eva’s father, Dr. Isaac Straus, had been a leader in the Zionist movement in Switzerland. My mother recalls meeting him and his beautiful non-Jewish wife at a Zionist meeting in New York in 1915, where the Straus’s were the center of attention. Eva’s father, like my father, had pursued an academic career as a Privat Docent in Freiburg.

Max Benzion Friedlander, My Life on Three Continents




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David Friedlander

David Friedlander

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