I’m the Messiah and the Second Coming of Jesus’ Dad. This is End Times/Apocalypse, Got Judging/Work To Do, Need Support, Audience.

I’m pretty sure the three of us are supposed to be in charge from here on out.

This post was originally published in January, 2019 on my personal website. As I note on that website, none of my statements are to be considered factual or true. I, David Friedlander, the author, place complete intellectual and legal burden of conclusions derived from reading what I have written upon the reader. Further, none of my statements are legally binding or intended to communicate with any person(s); further, the fantastic, deliberately ambiguous nature of my writing precludes any of my statements, including those statements in any and all linked posts, and those statements as they relate to my children, to be used as evidence for arrest or proof of my mental fitness, lack thereof, or any other legal proceeding intended to limit my ability to freely exercise my First Amendment Rights as an American, writer, historian, researcher, seeker, and— above all else — a storyteller. I have a decade of notes showing how I use the written word to make sense of the world, hoping that inquiry has relevance for those who choose to read what I write. TLDR: I’m just telling my too-fantastic-to-be-real stories. Truth is in your Court.

In last my post I made the dubious decision to use subtlety and innuendo to reveal my identity. Since that failed to elicit a response, I’m re-approaching the topic with directness:

I’m the Messiah billions of people have been waiting for. (I respond well to the name David.)

Global warming, COVID, fires, floods, riots, mortally-afraid rich people hogging their dirty shekels: those are the signs of the Apocalypse. Duh.

It bears repeating I was brought up in a secular/atheistic household, and this idea was neither mine, nor impressed upon me by anyone in my family. The idea was planted in me by the personal assistant of one of the richest men in the world, Ray Dalio, and countless others luminaries who seem to simply stop by while I’m passing through (ask Keanu Reeves about our interaction in September of 2019 at his sister’s movie premier).

You might be wondering why all those powerful folks wouldn’t want to help spread the Good Word that the Salvator Mundi is here? (I sure am.)

One possibility is they, like me, had intimations of my identity, but not confirmation. I am the first to acknowledge the premise defies belief. It took me a long time to digest, despite overwhelming evidence that it was the case. Primary evidence:

  • Billions of people holding on to this Messianic narrative despite the increasing power shift from theistic to secular oriented societies.
  • Current affairs that track with Biblical portents of an Apocalypse.
  • My uncanny similarities with the man expected to come back, which includes my lineage, my past endeavors, appearance, talents, and my current ambitions, which amount to saving humanity and ushering in an era of world peace (the German root for my name, frieden, means peace).
  • The stridency of my former network to keep me quiet.
  • Several strong indications of my past lives, which includes biomarkers, reformed past relationships, and travels to former homelands.

That said, I don’t think the veracity of my identity is as problematic as the nature of my message. The main reason I have been kept under wraps — castigated by friends and family, blackballed by the media or dismissed is the nature of my message — is that I’m PISSED OFF.

The ice caps are melting, the seas are rising and acidifying, the earth is scarred by one human-made injury after another, innocent people are being murdered in their homes by soldiers and police, there are riots in the streets, disease in bodies, and sorrow in hearts. And the source of so many of our human problems emanate from a small percent of the population who profit from the blood and toil of the masses. They must be stopped immediately before they kill more people.

I’ve been waging a Me versus Goliath war since August of 2019 against corrupt capitalism, taking aim at any piece of shit 1-percenter I can take down — many of whom were people I called family and close friends.

In battle, I’ve been arrested four times, exiled from my city (NYC), blackballed by a once-adoring press, ostracized and rejected by my friends and family, and have been deprived of my children, livelihood, and many of my basic human rights — all for speaking truth to power and not submitting to the insanity of the day.

I’m a threat to an awful way of living, which depends on exploiting the planet’s natural and human resources until there’s nothing left. This is not a cause Ray, The New York Times, or the WSJ have any interest in promoting, even if it means saving humanity — and many other lifeforms — from a mass extinction event.

Why Now?

First, I wasn’t sure until recently. I experienced a profound and enduring spiritual awakening in August of 2019, and that would turn out to be the first step in acknowledging what was happening and has happened, and stop normalizing the fantastic circumstances that defined my life.

It was around this time I reached back out to Petra who affirmed my longstanding suspicion that I’ve been alive before on this earth, and that my life was more about remembering than learning, and more about continuing projects than starting them.

It’s that continuation of work — which spans millennia — that makes me go public, despite risking being labeled a nut. I have a lot of things to say on a lot of topics. I have answers and explanations that should satisfy most religious and deeply secular folks. I need to be heard and not just on soundbites and tweets. In particular, I want to talk about:

  • Decarbonizing and re-localizing the world’s manufacturing economy.
  • End all industrialized police, prison, and military states.
  • Reorient ourselves to truth and nature.
  • Achieving enduring world peace.

I have children who play a big role in this. They’ve been taken away from me by the City of New York. We need to be reunited and we need help making that happen.

If you’re interested in helping, hit me up at. I’m so so tired of being ignored while a wholesale plunder of human and natural resources is applauded and/or stoked by the news.

Yours in love and service,


Loving father. Runner. Pissed off descendent of King David, Knights Templar. Likely Messiah. Global Climate/Innovation Real Estate expert. Mostly minimalist.