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I am announcing Liberty Caps, cool, functional, aesthetically-constrained, humorous, and multilayered-in-meaning baseball caps for people who see themselves in much the same way. Get yours now! [NOT A JOKE and I have payment and fulfillment system managed with third party operators.]

Real Estate → Activist Fashion

After efforts to get traction for my real estate startup exploded, I doubled down on my online activism. For the last couple months, I’ve been speaking out against the unspeakably amoral fleecing and subjugation of global, non-rich populations by rich ones. This fleecing also promotes the destruction of the earth’s beleaguered ecosystems. …

Are the 400 "apartment homes" the same as apartment units? I've never heard that term. How many projects is that across? One, two, more?

More importantly, have any of these units (aka "apartment homes") been built for sites that have financing, approval, and have broken ground (all three!)?

As someone who's seen this show a million times, a unit is totally bogus until there are shovels in the dirt--and even then, projects get yanked (where's YC's Social Construct, again? What the hell has Blokable done?).

I also wonder why the insistence on these top heavy integrated affairs after the Katerra…

Please see the disclaimer legal at the end of this piece. Also please, please, please consider contributing money to me and the work that I’m doing. As of writing this piece, I am short of my very modest September living expenses. I believe my work and the topics I write about are vitally important. Your contribution will help me keep going and moving towards a sustainable, equitable, and reasonable human civilization. I’m working my ass off. But I am one and I need many. Please consider contributing today. My Venmo is @davidcfriedlander.

“The News [Not Permitted In The News] of Record”

A 2017 Regional Plan Association (RPA) entitled “Under…

We, the working people of the United States of America:

Requested help living. They handed us forms.

Requested knowledge. They sent us to schools.

Requested vocations. They gave us jobs.

Requested shelter. They asked for three months up front.

Requested nature. They gave us suburbs.

Requested freedom. They sold us cars.

Requested nutrition. They sold us Doritos.

Requested clean water. They sold us bottles of Coke.

Requested affordable used books. They gave us Amazon.

Requested romance. They gave us swipes.

Requested beauty. They sold us filters and Botox.

Requested power. They sold us pickups and guns.

Requested love. They sold…

Please see my note at the end about my use of the word “homeless” as it relates to my experience and the experience of those for whom condition endures far longer than a summer.* As usual, I need money. There’s a request at the end. Like many underhoused people, I am begging for change to take care of my basic needs, including rent, food, and my phone bill — and do so in a way that doesn’t contribute to the violence and exploitation I see all around. Please contribute, if you are able. …

I don’t know if I’ll go solo from here out, but I’ll be looking for a new group, regardless.

Please refer to legal disclaimer at the end, which explains how this entire post is meant for entertainment purposes only. This post was first published on the Change Order Group website. Please see the end of the post for my request for support.

Below is an email I sent to a real estate industry colleague regarding my current professional station, which is far lower than the one I envisioned when I first conceived of the Change Order Group. For two years, I’ve thanklessly pushed the startup, which is an assembly of the world’s top real estate researchers and technicians directing…

Despite our close birthdays and shared star sign, my stepmom chose her Democrat proxy sons: the gay and rich Jared Polis and black, immigrant Joe Neguse, Colorado’s governor and Boulder County’s US Congressman, respectively.

Please refer to legal disclaimer at the end, which explains how the entire post is meant for entertainment purposes only. This post was first published on my personal website. Please see the end of the post for my request for support.

One year ago, I made an unexpected trip to Colorado. The trip was compelled by ongoing harassment by multiple east coast-based corporate and municipal forces including the NYPD, who unlawfully arrested me four times in 2020. Knowing how my ancestors fared in similar situations, I barely blinked deciding to leave New York state, despite living there nineteen years and…

Poor people without dye jobs and beachy wave hair suck.

Legal Disclaimer: While this post mentions actual people and events, the entirety of the post is meant for entertainment purposes only. None of the following statements are to be considered factual or true. I, David Friedlander, the author, place complete intellectual and legal burden of conclusions derived from reading what I have written upon the reader. Further, none of my statements are meant or should be considered legally binding or intended as a means to communicate with any person(s); further, the fantastic, deliberately ambiguous nature of my writing precludes any of my statements, including those statements in any and all…

Lucifer’s VIP list. Some are household names, many are not. All I can say is that if you see these people on the streets, do not attract their attention. Each of those pictured is a homicidal maniac and must be treated accordingly. NB: I don’t know the guys on the upper left corner; they’re a proxy for all the dark-monied investors driving the whole show.

Please refer to legal disclaimer at the end, which explains how the entire post is meant for entertainment purposes only. This post was originally posted on my personal website.

An Unbearable Ugliness of Modern Life

I recently wrote a number of pieces whose subject matter could be considered ugly and in poor taste — mostly personal attacks on people I once considered colleagues, industry experts, friends, family, and lovers.

For those unacquainted with me, I want to state emphatically my life has been, and continues to be, committed to promoting beauty and good taste. These pieces are responses to an ugliness that is so vile and…

I recently came to the realization that I am — in a very tangible way — a slogging soldier on a campaign to destroy the modern-day slave-trade that is the industrial, global economy. Yay, for me!

With such a daunting mission and huge enemy, like any campaigning soldier, I’ve had to contemplate the things I carry. I’ve had to ration my limited emotional, intellectual, physical, and financial resources such that I land as big of blows as I can in crucial battles rather squander my energies on meaningless fights.

Most of my meaningless fights are fought on Twitter.

While a…

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