5 Reasons Why Common Coliving’s Brad Hargraves is the Beta, White-Hack CEO the Real Estate Industry Needs [Parody…]

Reason 1: Brad Is From a Poor Family Living in a Log Cabin in the Hinterlands of Canada’s Northwest Territories

Where it all probably started.
What were you doing when you were 30? I bet it was something different than Brad.

Reason 2: Brad Loves Girls and Colored People

Two Black Lives matter for ESG optics.

Reason #3: Brad is Soooooooooooo Smart.

Reason #4: Brad is So Original.

Reason #5: Brad is so gracious.

I’d be open to a Cheese-Cash-Equity split for all the value I’ve brought Brad.




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David Friedlander

David Friedlander

Pondering the future, today. Housing, health, and lots of other stuff.